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Easy-to-use analysis of public and proprietary data equips people in the petroleum industry for better decisions.

High-Value Production and Exploration Answers:

  • Is production on target?
  • Where are we losing production and why?
  • What wells are losing money and why?
  • How are we performing against our peers?

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Frac Analysis In VISAGE: How Adding More Stages Impacts Gas Production

VISAGE has been working with several clients to integrate production data from the IHS Information Hub with frac data from the Well Completions and Frac Database (by Canadian Discovery Ltd). The ability to analyse the production impact of completion technologies in a visual interactive way has provided our clients with competitive and strategic insights that weren’t easily achieved using other software. This is the first in a series that illustrates some of the analyses that are possible. To do this we invited Jim Gouveia to comment on “how, and why, production per stage changes as more frac stages are added to a well”.… Read more