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Lost Production in VISAGE: Not All Downtime is Created Equal

As producers position themselves to survive a market of low oil and gas prices, most of our clients are targeting downtime in an effort to get the most out of their producing assets. One way we help them do this is by setting up “diagnostic measures” like Lost Production.

Most people have heard of the concept of Lost Production … some have likely debated different terms for it. The important thing is not to get stuck too deep in the details and leverage the insights it affords you.

Without the concept of Lost Production producers might only be seeing a chart like this, showing only production rates and hours down.… Read more

VISAGE Analytics Software

Easy-to-use analysis of public and proprietary data equips people in the petroleum industry for better decisions.

High-Value Production and Exploration Answers:

  • Is production on target?
  • Where are we losing production and why?
  • What wells are losing money and why?
  • How are we performing against our peers?