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Visually Explore Industry Trends and Key Resource Plays at IHS Explore: Energy Sept. 11


We invite you to join us at the IHS Explore: Energy 2014 event on September 11 in Calgary where VISAGE has been invited to speak. Our presentation will be on Industry Trends and Visual Analysis of Key Resource Plays  using VISAGE.

We will explore how the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) has experienced a dramatic transformation following the market crash in 2008. The focus of most new gas development has been centered on multi-stage horizontal well activity in the Montney.¬† Oil production has hit an all time high. While multi-stage horizontals have been key drivers of growth in the Bakken, Cardium and Viking, they have been overshadowed by production growth in the oil sands.… Read more

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Easy-to-use analysis of public and proprietary data equips people in the petroleum industry for better decisions.

High-Value Production and Exploration Answers:

  • Is production on target?
  • Where are we losing production and why?
  • What wells are losing money and why?
  • How are we performing against our peers?